An incredible technique to eradicate your complexes


If despite your efforts in terms of sports and a small diet, you still cannot get rid of that extra little flab, that awful double chin or your thick thighs that give you horrible complexes … We have the solution.

Code name? Cryolipolyse. A must to sculpt your body.

Explanations. Between 2000 and 2005, Dr Manstein and Dr Anderson studied the phenomenon pertaining to cooling down fat. The doctors noticed that fatty tissues are super sensitive to cold and self-destruct.

Coolsculpting, the specialists of cryolipolyse

In light of this result, Coolsculpting, a system of controlled cooling down, has imposed itself as the specialist. The principle: crystallising the stocking cells of fat and triggering their apoptosis. In short, their cellular demise.

Result? Bye-bye fatty tissues, since one obtains a reduction of up to 27 % on the areas treated.

For whom? Men and women who are trying to eliminate a rebel zone and have an IMC inferior to 30.

A technique applied by doctors

Implemented since the past 15 years, Coolsculpting has made security its marching order. Always applied by a doctor, this technique provides a patented technology that maintains the temperature of the dermis at 10° with an automatic stop of the machine in case of malfunction.

The plus? a non-invasive technique applied in a sure manner inside a medical cabinet. Translation: you can go back to work right afterwards and have a normal life.

Where to follow the treatment? All the information and the practitioners on

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