« Hungry-girls »: the new buzzing diet

Le Regime De Fille

Remember the name «The Hungry Girl Diet». After trendy and weird detox diets, here is a new sensational method!

Author Lisa Lilien has finally come up with a pragmatic diet that will enable you to loose 5 kilos in one month without « starving» as this foodie who is creating the buzz in New-York likes to say on her  blog www.hungry-girl.com.

The concept? A diet filled with really light and sexy recipes that you can enjoy without exploding the calorie count, such as a light granola or a quick burrito.  Special kudos for the « Margarita light » with Tequila tallying less than 100 calories at happy hour.

The high added value of the book? The possibility of « binging» on occasion for a portion or fries of a burger (but only eating half, for example…), without getting discouraged

We like: a wide array of very realistic tips to continue slimming down and avoid being discouraged… A book to consumer with moderation.

Coming out in bookshops on January 15th. 14,90€.

« Le régime des filles qui ont toujours faim » de Lisa Lilien aux Editions Robert Laffont.

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