Juice it, the new detox juice bar

Juice It

Feel like starting a trendy diet of juices to give your liver a break and drop some weight off like Gwyneth Paltrow and all the green girls in favor of a liquid diet ?

Good news, a new small place has just opened its doors near Palais Royal offering cold juices with a thousand virtues, 100% organic and pressed in keeping with tradition so as to go into full detox mood with all the required vitamins.

The concept ? A series of small bottles to sip from all day long in order to cleanse your body.

Its high added value? No imposed 3 to 5 day cure as with the competition, you can come pick up your juices for a simple light lunch or just « test » the principle for a day. Tops: we like seeing the juices squeezed in front of our eyes and chat with the owner, a very friendly it-girl from New York!

65€ for a one day cure   http://juice-it.fr

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