We have the new healthy routine for you !

Regenerate Routine Healthy

It's the new healthy routine. Code name? Regenerate.

This state-of-the-art program enables to regenerate dental enamel, having a very healthy mouth with teeth more beautiful than ever. Or the art of tansforming the chore of brushing teeth into a top beauty treatment .

Explanations: our lifestyle and our consumption of coffee, soda, tea, nicotine, fruit… creates enamel erosion, acid attacks so our smile is not always as bright as it used to be…

The promise? It takes only 3 days per month using the Expert Regenerate Serum, in addition to the Expert Toothpaste in order to take control of your dental capital and retrieve a young girl’s smile.

This treatment is a completely revolutionary system, stemming from state-of-the-art technologies enabling to boost and naturally regenerate enamel thanks to hydroxypatite, the same natural mineral it is made of, for stronger, smoother teeth—and of course whiter ones.

Where to find it? At Colette and in a selection of pharmacies and drugstores (Discover the list of pharmacies here) with this month a super kit in a limited series in collaboration with Caliquo with a wonderful made in France oak toothbrush to top off the treatment. In short: The beauty ritual you will adore to start off the new season.

We have very good news for all the Do It Girls: with us you can win 10 kits! Contest over

All the info on Regeneratenr5.fr


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