SOS : i am down and out

Young woman ill

Symptom: you have a super cold, rampant gastro-enteritis, imminent burn-out and your complexion is right up there in different shades of gray (thanks to all those cigarettes and long happy hours cocktails)... You called UBER to come back from the office. In short: things are looking pretty bad.

Our SOS solution ? Go home and get into bed, turn on a TV series and organize a home deliver by special messenger (very cute to boot)  the perfect survival kit to repair health issues in less than one hour by calling Bailly, la Grande Pharmacie.

Depending on your symptoms, this site offers adequate medication according to the ailment ( headache ? Vomiting? Sleeping issues ? Bloating ? Burns ? )…

And that includes toning vials for an instant doll complexion, a cure of vitamins to boost your energy every morning—all the qood stuff to start a detox treatment.  It also works for bad moms and working mothers: diapers, hard to find baby formulas (they have them ALL !) yes ma’am, liquid Doliprane, baby bottles…

Cherry on the baba: all the really good indispensables (stamps, body and face wax, deodorants, razors, and very up-to-date) in case of urgency, they even have magic condoms!

We adore: ultra competitive prices with rue du Four

We like: the possibility of scanning the doctor’s prescription, using your carte vitale health insurance to pay and sending your man or your mom to fetch the pharmacy bag in pick and collect mode near Saint Lazare without having to queue up McDrive style when you have a high fever.

On line delivery

Deliver in Paris from Monday to Friday in a maximum delay of 1h if received before 5pm.

Delivery in the Paris area (92, 93 and 94) Monday to Friday in a maximum delays of 3h if received before 6pm Monday to Friday.

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Where to find it?

Grande Pharmacie Bailly

15 rue de Rome

75008 Paris


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Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

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