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Inspired by New York urban farms, there are several glam’, sustainable, committed, locally produced agricultural experiences to be discovered around Paris. However, once the weekend comes around, motivation drops—you are just plain lazy! Normal: most stylish hubs of green and agricool are a tad complicated to reach.

Phew! We have just the right easy and fun solution. In three clicks, you can board directly from your house towards a dream destination in Uber Green to totally remain in electrical and sustainable vibes!

Did you know it? VTC transportation has become eco-friendly and aims to have 50% electric vehicles in 2025. Go green!


gardening and urban agriculture workshops in the vegetable garden and the hot house at the Cité Fertile at La Vilette in Paris

The hot spot: La Cité Fertile, a hectare of paradise settled right behind La Villette in a former train station for merchandise. In addition to its major commitments, the venue offers cool activities in keeping with the times to feel as though you were on holiday all-weekend long: gardening and urban agriculture workshops in the vegetable garden and the hot house (also in kids version, such as graffiti courses on moss), a veggie brunch, BBQ evenings (for veggies or carnivores), a meditation cabin, beach volley and ping pong…!

The added plus: a place that also is alive during the week with the distribution of vegetable baskets from La Ruche Qui Dit Oui every Wednesday, coworking with free WiFi and a incubator of start-ups with social and environmental wagers in collab’ with BNP. © @ AdrienRoux

25 minutes from the centre de Paris in Uber Green. Count €20 for the ride.

La Cité Fertile, 14 Avenue Edouard Vaillant, 93500 Pantin.

a SECRET field of flowers in the 20th

Plein Air flower market of Masami Charlotte Lavault

The hot spot: Plein Air, the first field of the Belleville cemetery. Masami Charlotte Lavault, a modern-day cultivator, respects strict environmental rules: zero chemical products, zero pesticides nor insecticides. Each Saturday, she opens the doors of her poetic paradise with a small flower market from 2pm to 7pm, in collaboration with Une Ferme du Perche, which is offering until the 17th of October seasonal flower bunches, organic, freshly picked (€8 per bunch).

The added plus: her flower power mornings at the farm for an initiation to Japanese floral art, Ikebana. On the programme: breakfast in the middle of a field, visit of a farm, flower and greenery picking or then a workshop for bouquet creations before departing with your own. Next session: Saturday the 19th of September (€120).

15 minutes from the centre of Paris in Uber Green. Count 13 for the ride.

Plein Air Paris, 40 Rue du Télégraphe, 75020 Paris.


Ferme Ouverte Urban farm from the fermes de gally Collective

The hot spot: La Ferme Ouverte. A farmhouse in Saint-Denis halfway between Old McDonald’s had a Farm and those in Brooklyn more in the spotlight… The Fermes de Gally collective imagined this first agricultural squat at the doors of Paris where chickens, goats and sheep roam outdoors. Hit of the show for kids: the possibility of caring for the animals. A perfect spot to spend a day enjoying going back to down to earth basics.

The added plus: a series of ultracool masterclasses with workshops for kids who learn how to make their own apple juice, butter or recycle paper. For adults, bread kneading with natural yeast just like pro bakers. A reconversion idea for your next job?

30 minutes from the centre of Paris in Uber Green. Count €42 for the ride.

La Ferme Ouverte, 114 Avenue de Stalingrad, 93000 Saint-Denis

Voiture éléctrique et éco-durables Uber Green

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