A quick and efficient slimming treatment for 30€

Nothing like a massage under expert hands to reactivate circulation and get rid of bad fat.

Only problem is that often treatments in specialized institute often cost an arm and a leg. So GuinotParis has thought of penny pinching who care about their silhouettes.

The principle ? 30 minutes of slimming massage for 30 €. Tummy, legs or fanny, we all have our small issues. So to avoid wasting time, target the body area that needs deep treatment.

The must : apply at home the new slimming product Minceur Chrono Logic to boost the massage effect and deal with settled cellulite, visible results in 15 days.

TechniSpa Minceur Ciblée, 30 minutes, 30 €

MinceurChronoLogic, 125 mL, 45 €

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Where to find it?

Guinot Paris Madeleine

12, rue de Sèze

75009 Paris

01 40 07 11 71


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