A diabolical machine against flab and that little tummy


If you are a normally constituted woman : the complex of extra flab, the obsession of flab, the terror of the bathing suit should seriously begin to be bothering you.

Life, falsely magical diets (and people magazines) have already proven by A +B that being hungry never made cellulite disappear.

We already knew the best chef, the terrific CelluM6, the ultra-efficient formula  that sculpts legs, gives you a pretty fanny and that one  does in  institutes. Except that like all overbooked gals, we don’t always have time to go there…

The very good news, its that this tip top machine, killer of flab and your little tummy, is soon to be landing at home under the name Wellbox. The idea? Organize your own thinning sessions nestled in your sofa, and declare war to all those fatty à areas we hate: on the thighs, the tummy, fanny, while watching TV.

Soon to be ours a bouncy behind, a flat tummy and slender arms while watching our favorite TV shows. With 3 weekly sessions of 6 minutes on each area to pinpoint, we are sure to have a goddess body before summer rolls around!

For a demonstration and a great price, plus an added little surprise upon presentation of this email but without any obligation to buy, RDV at the Foire de Paris until 12 May. Stand Wellbox, Hall 7.1 , alley H, stand 5.


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