The new healthy obsession of sharp Parisiennes

The Waterdrop Drinks Helthy and the Blooming Flower Gourds in Glass and Bamboo by Martin Murray

The "microdrink" is the new healthy obsession of Parisiennes to refuel energy to the arrival of autumn. Demonstration.

A “super drink”

Martin Murray , the founder of Waterdrop , the new successful healthy label, started from a simple observation. On the one hand, fruit juices and sodas are far too sweet, on the other hand, stylish alternatives to water are almost non-existent ...

It was the perfect opportunity to create a new avant-garde beverage to consume without polluting by zapping the plastic, in a 33 cl version.

The principle ? Immerse a micro-capsule in your glass of water or gourd which transforms it straight away into a delicious natural drink spiked with essential vitamins and trace elements .

To complete the eco-responsible approach , the label also offers flowery gourds (€ 22.90) in ultra-stylish glass and bamboo, illustrated by the talented Marusha Belle . Green vibes oblige: PET capsules are recyclable.

Capsules with a thousand virtues

Halfway between the beauty product and the food supplement , each capsule contains virtues and promises.

Need concentration in front of your computer? We opt for the FOCUS with lime, baobab and acerola. Before going to bed: start RELAXing with hibiscus, chokeberry and acerola.

Obsessed with beautiful skin? Abuse 3 to 4 times a day of GLOW with mango, prickly pear and artichoke or YOUTH with peach, ginger, ginseng and dandelion, for a youth cure.

Waterdrop , € 6.99 per pack of 12 flavors.

Also discover the 5 infusions to get better .

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