The editorial team’s tricks to drop three kilos


Your holidays are around the corner, yet those extra kilos are till very much there. No panic. You dream of getting rid of an extra kilo or going down one size before the fatal bathing suit trial? The editorial team shares all its small “last minute” miracle recipes to be a mermaid at the beach and save the day!

The radical cures of Elodie

c'juice jus détox

Our editor-in-chief admits: “My major weak point is my tummy with a small integrated buoy. I must admit that I have a passion for bread, rosé and saucisson. Every year, I wait for Bastille day to give myself a kick in the butt and get to it. So of course, this entails a radical method.

Her winning solution? Eating a fruit in the morning, eradicating gluten, zapping sugar and having a light lunch (chirachi, salad, carpaccio). But mostly: replacing the evening meal with a big bottle of freshly squeezed and super draining juice signed Martine de Richeville for Detox Delight. It’s delicious, eradicates hunger and toxins. “At 10€ per bottle, it’s a very good financial alternative is you want to follow a juice cure on a small budget”… Result: -3kilos at the end of the week, finger in the nose.

The winning solution? Eating a fruit in the morning, no gluten, zapping sugar and having a light lunch (chirachi, salade, carpaccio). But mostly: instead of dinner, drinking a bottle of freshly squeezed —tasty and super draining signed C'Juice. It’s delicious, filling and truly eliminates all the toxins. "It’s 8,50€ per bottle and a very good financial alternative if you want to undertake a juice cure, especially when you have a small budget”… Result : -2kilos at the end of the week fingers in the nose.

In more aggressive mode: To be sure to look healthy and treat yourself to a good detox, go for the intensive cures ofByjardin inspired by Indian Ayurvedic. This new label of freshly squeezed juice offers really incredible blends. Very low in calories and in sugar, ideal to loose weight. “Last year, I still had 4 extra kilos to loose after my baby. In 15 days, I was all set and arrived at the beach slim and feeling great."

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The 4-day diet of Cindy

Assiette de steak et salade verte

It’s a very good way to start a diet. Quite frankly the 1st DAY you feel a little hungry. But the effects are very quick, which is extremely motivating. The first time: is was quite spectacular. I lost 4 kilos. Careful: it is very important to eat these nutrients in the order indicated to create a slimming reaction."

Same breakfast every morning.

  • 1 coffee or tea (no sugar)
  • 1 half grapefruit


NOON: A large grilled steak + lettuce salad. 2 large tomatoes in the salad and 1 apple

EVENING: 2 hard boiled eggs. String beans and ½ grapefruit


NOON: A large grilled steak + lettuce salad. 1 large glass of tomato juice

EVENING: Raw cauliflower + vinaigrette, then baked courgettes with a dash of olive et oil and a salad of string beans. Sugarless applesauce for dessert.


NOON: A large grilled steak + lettuce salad. Celery salad. 1 apple

EVENING: Grilled chicken, steamed tomatoes;1 large glass of prune juice.


NOON: 2 hard boiled eggs, String beans, I glass of tomato juice

EVENING : Grilled steak, Lettuce, 1 glass of pineapple juice with no sugar added

The - 3 kilo solution of Véronique

Assiette d’œufs durs

To slim down in one day, I have a fail-proof technique. Aside from coffee and water, have nothing else all morning long. At lunch time: I eat two hard boiled eggs. And in the evening, as much chicken as you want. Nothing else. Generally I eat the entire chicken...

The following days, the motto is “Zero sugar, zero alcohol, zero starch…" It’s not funny, but what do you want? It really works. You slim down fast. Ideally, you should do this during 5-6 days/ And you will deffo have three kilos less on your butt.

  • For breakfast: 2 slices of ham
  • Lunch: tartare + salade+ coffee
  • Tea time: coca light
  • Evening: as much fish as you like + green veggies.

The extra light 2 days of Julie

Boite de régime 5/2 à la française

©Manuel Roustan

The dilemma of a foodie who does not cook: « Cooking is not my thing. Result, if I don’t go to the restaurant, I get an Uber to deliver my meal or then pick something up at the caterer. So when I feel bloated, I’m careful for 2 days, but never go behind an oven »

Her winning solution: yummy extra light dishes, concocted by the new boutique 5/2 à la française, to be delivered 2 days in a row wherever you want. Reminder: this super clever method consists in eating lighter meal 2 days a week (500 calories/ day) and normally the 5 following days. A rather honest deal.

On the menu?

DAY 1: nothing in the morning. At 1pm, a great comfort ratatouille (veggies, quinoa, olive oil). Before 9pm, a small seasonal salad (cucumber, chick pea, Paris mushrooms, fennel, avocado, salad, noisettes).

DAY 2: same thing, zap breakfast. At lunch, veggie lasagna and gluten-free. In the evening, a small salad. And that’s IT. Flat tummy for sure, big pride, you feel less tight in your clothes and start off on a good base for the next 5 days.

10 program of Fasting à la carte, usable 6 month, 330€. Or by subscription.

5/2 à la Française - 21 rue de Vanves (92) or online at 52alafranç


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