Modernists, the concept-store for hipsters

Modernists Le Concept Store Des Hipsters

Phew, no need to scout the trendy Marais to find preppy accessories worthy of real hipsters from Brooklyn to L.A.  including Londoner dandies. The little Parisienne that you are  (or not) can now shop from a couch the perfect outfits for the urban fashionista. Retro, futuristic, geek, at DO IT we scream high and loud « Hooray for MODERNISTS »! The idea? An online concept-store that features all sorts of singular and inspired objects, from wildly desirable undies to just the kind of sweat-shirts we like, couture sneakers as well as design objects…

The result is just the kind of 100%  selection we like with trendy brands, the great SESTRA made in France bags, hand-made Inkas sneakers with wild prints, darling ethical undies labeled Augusti of steel bikes, hand-made and labeled by the top Italian name ITALIA VELOCE.

We love: ultra stylish tee-shirts that are divinely cut along with prints signed LA duchesse, 100% cotton and Made In France at 30€ to be found here

Cultissimo for street-culture fans: super cool vintage 50’s skates in Canadian maple wood and steel wheels made in Michigan signed BOOM ART « the skate  artisan» in the lines of Larry Clarck (98€)

Decorating musts: the amazing vintage photos of Gianfranco Evangelista to give your living room a chic touch, inspired by Antonioni’s film BLOW UP. (39€)

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