The concept that is going to make a big change in the life of Parisians

Le Grand Dressing

Dilemma of the Parisian: desperately seeking stylish clothing. Paradox: totally refuses the idea of shopping.

Here is a concept that is going to make lots of people happy. Le Grand Dressing is based on the obvious realization that guys don’t have time to shop and prefer to test merchandise before investing.

The idea? Wearing during one month all the new cool and stylish pieces of the moment… for only €35.

Just the kind of offer you were waiting for? Test during one month shirts and pants by ChevignonDagobear beltArmor Lux sailor tops, of basics by Ben ShermanSelectedFaguo, and Oxbow.

Explanations: at the outset, you define your fashion profile for dummies in a quiz version (rather dandy chic, neo hipsterbusinessman in a suit...), depending on your lifestyle, job and morphology (a little bit of tummy to hide…), mentioning the motifs, colours and cuts that you hate(your total distaste for the mustard colour, message sweatshirts, XL cuts).

Depending on each man’s taste and needs, the stylist puts together for each Parisian a made-to-measure selection with notes (how to wear and mix the outfits, which shoes will be most suitable…) with a minimum of 4 pieces of clothing (for a total of €250).

At the end of the month, send everything back for free (without having to wash ! Cleaning included) or keep your fave pieces by buying them at a preferential rate.

We like : the possibility of testing without any commitment. The ideal relation.

1, 2 or 4 complete outfits (4/8/16 pieces) starting at €35 return included. All the info on le Grand Dressing.

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